How To Deactivate Jio Sim Temporary or Permanently

Do you want to deactivate your jio sim card? If yes, then this article can help you in the jio sim deactivate process. We have shared a step by step guide and different methods to deactivate your jio sim card or block jio sim easily.

Most of the times, people don’t care about deactivating their sim cards even if sim is lost. In case, you have stopped using the jio but you have your sim card with you or you have destroyed it in front of your eyes i.e. by break it into pieces or burn it, then you are safe but if you have lost your sim card then you are in a serious threat.

There can be many reasons behind deactivation of your jio sim card but the most critical one is when jio sim is lost. As you already know about the increasing crime rate and once, you lost your sim card then the risk increase that someone may use it for doing illegal activities. If that person used it for doing such activities then you will be held responsible for it because the sim is activated and working under your name, not the person who has committed the crime or any illegal activity. So, the process of jio sim deactivation is very important and you must perform this as soon as possible.

Now, we are going to share the step by step guide to perform this process and block jio sim.

How to deactivate Jio sim card (Online or Offline):-

There are 3 methods through which you can deactivate your sim card or block your jio sim card:-

  • Call customer care
  • Make a visit to Jio office
  • Through Email
  • Through official website

Call Customer Care:-

  • Call 198 using jio sim or call 1800 88 99999 using other sim network or contact jio customer care through other mediums.
  • Ask them to deactivate your sim and they will ask the reason and last digits of your linked aadhaar card number.
  • Tell them.
  • The deactivation process will take not more than 30 minutes.

That’s it.

Make a Visit to Jio Store:-

  • Go to your nearest jio store with your aadhaar card
  • Ask them to deactivate your sim card
  • Give them your jio number and show them your aadhaar card. (They may ask you to fill a sim deactivation form. Simply, fill it up)
  • The deactivation process will take not more than 30 minutes.

That’s it.

Email Address:

  • Open your Gmail account
  • Compose a new email
  • Type why you want to block jio sim and attach your identity proof in the email with “Block Jio Sim” as subject
  • Send it to

That’s it.

Official Website:-

Note:- This method won’t work in case you have lost your sim card because you need to enter the OTP while logging in to your jio account. You can use this method in other cases.

  • Go to
  • Enter the jio number you want to deactivate and click on “Continue
  • Enter the OTP sent to your jio number
  • After verifying OTP, you will be redirected to Jio official website homepage. Click on the settings icon displayed on your screen.

jio sim deactivate through website

  • Now, you will see these options.

jio sim suspend and resume

  • Click on “Suspend and resume” and after that, click on “SUSPEND
  • Select the appropriate reason and submit it.

That’s it. Your sim will be deactivated within a few minutes. Well, you can use myjio app to deactivate sim.

IMPORTANT:- If you don’t follow any of these methods, then your sim will be deactivated after 90 days in case there is no recharge or deduction and sim remains off as per TRAI’s directions.

We have shared three methods above so, you can choose any method you like and perform the steps mentioned under it. Your jio sim will get deactivated within few minutes (max 30 minutes).

How To Block Jio Sim Card:

Deactivating jio sim is similar to blocking jio sim. Some users think that both these terms are different but actually, they are same. To block jio sim, follow the methods we have mentioned above.

How to Reactivate Jio Sim:

The most common question arises here that – “What If we found the sim card or stolen device after deactivating jio sim? or how to activate jio sim which is deactivated?” In that case, you just need to visit your nearest jio store, show them your aadhaar card and you will get a new sim that will get activated within a few minutes (max 30 minutes) or you can follow these steps to activate jio sim easily.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1- How do I deactivate my Jio number?

You can deactivate jio sim using these 3 methods i.e. contacting jio customer care, visit jio store and jio online website. We have shared details of each method and you can choose anyone according to your convenience.

Q2- How can I block my Jio Sim online?

To block jio sim online, you need to visit jio official website. We have shared a step by step and you can use it to block sim online easily.

Q3- How do you check if Jio SIM is deactivated?

If your device is no longer catching signals of your sim then your sim is deactivated successfully.

Q4- How do I permanently delete Jio?

After deactivating your jio sim, if you don’t reactivate it then it will be permanently deactivated.

Q5- How do I temporarily disable my SIM card?

Your sim is temporarily deactivated once you have followed any method above. So, you can simply request for reactivation of your sim card.

Q6- What happens if I deactivate my SIM card?

After deactivation of your sim card, your device will stop catching signals and you won’t be able to use your sim for any purpose like calling, messaging, internet etc.

Wrapping Up:-

We have shared the whole process to block or deactivate jio sim card online or offline. If you have any kind of issues or queries then feel free to comment below. We will help you as soon as possible.

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